Christmas quilt candies

Christmas decoration

Christmas sacks

Christmas decoration. You can find the tutorial for this sack on the How-to-do-it page: Christmas sack tutorial

Toscana – quilt

It was stitched in a summer quilt camp.

Plenets – quilt

I stitched this in aa summer qilt-camp.

Panna – painted quilt with sheep

A quite quilt to Panna.

Bown quilt blanket to a teacher with her calss-members photoes

I sawn this blanket to a teacher who took care about aclass of children during 4 years..

Easter eggs

Easter eggs

Quilt sack

Sack with princess

I stitched this for Panna.

Three bowl of flowers – cross stitch

I made them as a Christmas present.

A mug of flower – cross stitch

I stitched this as a Christmas gift.  

Small Christmas quilts – 3 windows

Two pieces of 3-window Christmas quilts.

Karácsonyi csillagocska foltvarrás

Ezt a csillagos technikát is kipróbáltam.

Sample quilt starts

You can also sew all of these starts. I made them to teach the quilt techniiques.  

Kitchen quilts 2 – green

As an addition to the blue and the red quilts.

Kitchen quilts 2 – red

I tried a 3D method on these kitchen quilts.

Kitchen quilts 2 – blue

I tried a 3D method on these kitchen quilts.

Blue quilt

Blue quilt

Red and gold star

Red and gold star

Snowmen 2

Funny snowmen..

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