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I was pointed out … several bloggers.

This is a game where we wanted to find out what the hidden treasures of the other bloggers are. (And of course we wished to promote each other’s blogs.) Since everyone nominated 7 other bloggers in addition to the seven selected, the game ended soon - but I still hope that I was nominated based on my values. :)

The rules are the listed below:

  • I have to tell seven secrets about myself.

  • I choose seven other bloggers for this task.

  • I remind the choosen ones about this game.

  • I list the names of the chosen bloggers.

I believe that this is a good game from what we are able to learn about each other in this way – not only getting to know people from their handiwork but something about their life. Have fun!

I was pointed out by the following bloggers:

These are the seven thinkgs about me:

It was hard to find seven factsthat I thought would be interesting. I have to say , I have not read the other’s lists, so my own thoughts were original . But of course as soon as I post this I will check what the others wrote about themselves.

  1. I am happy about my family (Imi & Panna) – I know nowadays that they mean more to me than I thought before.

  2. And if I am talking about family, please someone tell me how it happened that I have an almost 5 years old child around me? She was born just a minute ago... I sometimes wonder when she started growing up. She is almost a small lady, telling me smart things every day.

  3. I love to travel. I don’t really care about where, with who or how.

  4. I like to be tidy. This means I am spending a lot of time putting things in their place. Only my quilts are not put away for 2-3 days since they are out of their boxes. Everything else has to go in its place every evening.

  5. I don’t like small talk . If I am in a mood where I don’t want to talk, it is hard for me to be the opposite.

  6. I like staightforward people . Even if I don’t always feel the criticisms to be good

  7. I wish to go to the theatre more . I don’t really like movies nowadays since they are too loud and they are full of blood also.

So these are all things about me.

And now the seven nominated bloggers:

I hope they will like this game also.


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  • Most egy kicsit el kell menjek a géptől, az értesítéseket pár óra múlva írom be a kipécézettek blogjába.


  • Na, mostanra sikerült az üzeneteket is elküldenem.


  • Köszönöm a kiPC-zést. :o)

  • Na, a kettes pont engem is napról-napra megdöbbent.
    Nagyon jól leírtad, fogalmam sincs, mikor lettek ekkorák. 🙂
    Arra meg kifejezetten emlékszem, mikor újságoltad Panna születését. :)))

  • Olvasom az oldalad, és mit látok. Engem is kipécéztek.Köszönöm, hogy rám gondoltál.

  • Olvasgatok tovább, újabb meglepetések. Ez a lányka egyre nagyobb segítséged lesz. Csak így tovább, a Te és párod nevelése.
    A tappancsosaid nagyon tetszenek, akkor ezzel voltál annyira elfoglalva az utóbbi időben. Biztos nagyon örül neki kis gazdája.
    További jó munkát, biztos meglepsz még valamivel minket. üdv.Silerika

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