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Without borders – 2008.

There was an exhibition in the Buda Castle organised by the Hungarian Quilt Association.

  • Foltvarró céh kiállításán készült fotó

    • Photos have been made of the exhibition

    • Measurement and challenges

    • Fantasy within borders and it could became free as well

    • Conventional and modern quilts

    • Historical and fresh quilters

    • National and international works

    • Multicolor and monochrome needlework

    • Prizes and awards

    • Shay and proud quilters


These were my feelings and inspirations from the exhibition. This exhibition is the traditional yearly event in all quilters’ lives in Hungary. The Quilter’s Association waits for the applications from groups and individual quilters every year for this event. This year’s exhibition can be visited in the Buda Castle between 8th and 12th of October.

You could apply to show work at this exhibition in 4 categories.  There were several quilts in the “kékfestő” (traditional Hungarian painted blue material-based) category but there were several monochrome, round and scarf types as well.

I thought I would add my favourites here from each category but I was not able to choose one from all the groups. There is something nice in every quilt. But in the end I chose one from each: 

Kékfestő  /  Monocrom  /  Fire-wheels






Tüz - kerek

How do you like this small introduction?  I hope you are interested to read it.

But before I share the link to the photo-gallery I will tell you that I was on the market-place on the first floor also. I bought some materials there and I plan to stitch nice things from these buttons, too. Panna has already checked my tools and she prefers my buttons.

Now I feel it is time to share the link to the photos. So please click now on this link to see all the related photos. I grant you you will be surprised. Have fun!

P.s.:  You can find the next year’s tender to the exhibition here..


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