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Solo exhibition at VMG -Encs – 31.05.2018.

I wrote about my plans and preparation for this solo exhibition in my high school. But when we put together all needlework I was not really sure they all will find their place in our car.  But we thought what we able to carry we will bring with us, others will remain at home.   First we put all cross stitched pictures into the car on previous evening.  Since we had several other task on this day – Panna’s school year closing ceremony, strawberry picking… etc – we left the quilt packaging to the morning. I took this picture on this evening:

Autó este

In the morning we have a bit more energy so we put all quilts, the materials and sample pieces for the workshop and two small portion of tools – in case of need.  Any time we used our car before we were never need the top of the hat-rack and the back seats for packaging.  Well, we need these places for this journey now.  You can see Panna in the boot at half way of packaging.  We are luck since she not found the cross stitch pictures as a seat. J

Itt még befért Panna

After driving more than 300 km we were surprised in the school since we not found places for my needlework. I seemed that the communication during the organisation was not quite good.  At the end we started to hang the cross stitched projects into one of the corridors but the quilts has no place to show them.  Around 7 pm we went for a dinner and we were happy to find our beds soon.  Even Panna was fallen asleep soon.

Programmes were stared at 10 o’clock on Saturday.  There were music and songs on the stage. My needlework were hang on on a corridor.  In case someone came in this direction they liked them.  Most of the visitors were thinking that they are gobelins and asked how long I do stitch them and how they are made.  In case I talked with someone for a longer period all of them were surprised how long does it take to stitch a bigger project.  And of course I was asked on the always typical question: “When do you have to stitch all these?”

Kézimunkáim kiállítása Encsen

Since most of the guest went to meet with their ex classmates and the building seemed to be almost empty after the official programme I did even not take out the materials for the workshop.  I hope there will be another occasion in the near future to use them somewhere else.  Thankfully these are not perishable ones. J 

Late afternoon we picked down the pictures and tried to put them into the car in way to have enough place to carry them home without causing damages in them. We closed the boot just a couple of minutes before a big storm has started. Thanks for the clouds that they were patient and wait for us to end the packaging.


Kézimunka kiállítás képe Kiállítás képei Encsen

We took some photos of the needlework since they were now collected together. You can see the photos in this gallery.

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  • Szia Eszter,

    Nekem személyesen nagyon tetszett a kiállításod még ha nem is voltam ott :). Sajnálom, hogy az emberek nem voltak nagyon érdeklődőek, de sajnos ez manapság elég jellemző, hogy elvannak magukkal… A lényeg, hogy te rájuk szántál egy hétvégét és együtt volt a család :).
    További jó varrogatást.

    Ui: Tetszett a ló amit küldtem?

  • Szia Kati!
    Még egyszer köszönöm, a lovat, pont olyan, amilyeneket Panna lányom szeret.
    Kiállítás: ismét láttam együtt a munkámat összeszedetten – ha nem is mindet – találkoztam néhány régi ismerőssel, találtunk egy remek éttermet…
    Szóval szerintem azért nem volt rossz a hét vége.


  • Ha jobb volna a szemem, biztos újra varrnám a keresztszemest, mert ezektől a képektől nagy kedvet lehet kapni hozzá.De a foltvarráshoz is egyre több ötletet merítek itt. Köszönöm Eszter! Krisztina

  • Kedves Eszter!
    Sok szeretettel gratulálok munkáidhoz!
    Igazán büszke lehetsz kiállításaidra, s támogató családodra is!
    Őszinte tisztelettel: Lilla

  • Lilla,
    Köszönöm. Büszke is vagyok mindkettőre.

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