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Lanarte – My No1 cross stitch designer


If you look around in the cross stitch category you will meet a huge number of pictures what are designed by Lanarte.

This number of Lanarte kits often. Even if my first kit was not a Lanarte design I have encountered their products during my first steps in the field of cross stitch.  Their colours, style and the content of their pictures are very close to my life and even fits our house’s style. I already have five from their large designs hanging in out dining room.  Till now I could always find the required kit in any topic I was looking for even for special reasons as well.

There is one more reason to choose Lanarte kits from time to time.  The black and white instructions are always able to be read easily and each of the designs can be copied as a working piece as well.  I like to stich my embroidery from smaller pieces of papers and I used to colour these papers. This is the reason why I copy the original pieces. The instructions were always clear for me, I hardly ever needed to think about the sign’s meanings.  On the top of this when I bought a larger kit the threads were collected into a special paper to keep them tidy.

After stitching several Lanarte designs, my experience is that the threads and other materials given in the kits are always plentiful enough to make the kits. There was only one case when I had to buy additional threads but that was the fault of my counting.

Lanarte issues new designs two times a year so there is continuous inspiration to increase my collection. Unfortunately my stitching time is limited. Of course I  always have plans for what to stitch next either from the collection stored in my cupboard or from the new collections.

I guess, you are also interested in how I got to the Dutch designer company’s head office.

Some years ago we went to the Netherlands to have our summer holiday there. Since I knew that my favourite designs were made there I looked for their exact location within the country. It turned out that we were planning to travel very close to this place so on a nice Friday afternoon we just stopped in front of their door.  Unfortunately Panna had fallen asleep just a couple of minutes before so I went to knock on the door by myself and my husband stayed in the car.  I am a bit sorry about this since I saw some interesting technical solutions inside that he would have liked as well.

The story of what I saw and felt inside this building will be shared later in this month on my blog as well.

Till the second part of my Lanarte story, please check my stitched entries with the Lanarte category to be involved in my stitching story. In case you are interested about all the available Lanarte designs you can always check the kits on their official website.  I am sure you are going to find beautiful designs there.

Do you have any favourite needlework designer? It could be that you prefer to collect materials by yourself instead of buying kits. 

Please share your favourites with me!


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  • Kedves Eszter!

    Én gobelin képeket varrok. Nekem is a kedvencem a Lanarte, gobelinből is kiválóak. De mostanában egyáltalán nem találok gobelin kanavákat ettől a gyártótól, pedig még hasonló színvonalút sem találtam ez idáig, nemhogy jobbat. Nem tudod véletlenül, hogy mi az oka, hogy Magyarországon nem lehet az utóbbi évben ezt a márkát vásárolni? Esetleg nincs valami “titkos helyed”, ahol még ma is rá lehet lelni egy-egy darabra?

    A képeid nagyon szépek, igazi “Lanartosok”. További jó munkát és sok szabadidőt. Előre is köszönöm a segítséget. Üdvözlettel: Juhász Gabriella

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