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Memories from the London Stitch and Craft Show

Stich and craft kiállítás London

I have been wishing to participate  in this yearly exhibition in the UK since I have been cross stitching.  There is a huge show by the biggest needlework producers,  sellers and magazines together with a fair as well. The producers shows their  news and hold workshops  at the same time.

Before this post I have uploaded all the other exhibitions’ photos under the menu Exhibitions, only this collection was remaining. Now I have added these photos to the albums as well.

You can also see on these photos how big was this stadium where the event was held. This Stitch and Craft exhibition always kept in Olympia II.  It is almost unbelievable for me how many exhibitors and producers are showing their stuff during these days.  We planned to see this show over a whole day and at the end we realised that we needed this time to see everything.   If I would have tried  any of the workshops, then the one day would not be enough.

In addition to the manufacturers, there were shops selling books and supplying additional tools for needlework as well. When I was planning this journey – my husband came with me also – I knew that there were  several items that I wished to buy  if I “met” them  in this show.   In the end I bought an autumn picture, a 3 dimensional house kit, a couple of packs of  ribbons and threads, ribbon stitching kits, a series of small ducks – for Panna – and lots of magazines.

It was new for me to stitch on different shapes of canavas. I have never seen this before – and since then. I have also met the 3 dimensional kits here at for the first time. I have already read about them in the magazines but now I could see them here in their shapes and of xcourse I have bought one to try. There were also interesting frames sold by their producers and I also met new designers, too. At the end I also found kits stitched with ribbons instead of cross stitches. I have bought two of from these ones. I have already stitched one of them but somewhy the second one is waiting for the stitches even if it can be done shortly and it looked became nice at the end. What I am sorry about is that I have notspent more time checking the buttons.

The bookstores had such a selection of  needlework books that finally I could not choose any of them. I could not decide which one I should put into my basket…

So I came home with lots of fun magazines and cross stitch kits.

On the next day we went to London, enjoyed the London Eye and the Kensington Palace, too.  Since we were in London several times before we had already seen the main attractions so we tried to find something new  this time. It was also good to walk  through the streets and  go to a pub to have  dinner in the evening.  At the end we bought  a ticket to the Mamma Mia show so the day was perfect.

I am h oping that it was not the last needlework exhibition I have seen, but I plan to go somewhere else next time.

Till it happens you can see my photos under this link.  Please also share your comments and opinions!


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